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About the Danish Property Assessment Agency

It is our task to ensure fair, uniform and transparent property valuations and taxation of the country's approx. 2.3 million properties. We work to create confidence in the valuation and security about the taxation of properties.

The Danish Property Assessment Agency must assure reliable, uniformly, and transparent property assessments, which will be the basis of the ongoing property taxation in Denmark. Other than that, this will be the basis of refunds, in case owners have paid too much in taxes.

New rules regarding methods and data, The Danish Property Assessment Agency must ensure that citizens and businesses receive the first assessments since 2011, offer tax-refunds for this period, and that taxes are calculated based on old and new laws regarding property assessments. This will secure owners and businesses.

Transparency must be the case if citizens and businesses should be able to experience transparent communication.

A unique system

When the new property valuation system is fully developed, it will be a unique system that, together with the implementation of the new property tax rules, future-proofs the current property taxation.

The taxation of properties and land in Denmark not only contributes to the financing of the welfare society with approx. DKK 50 billion annually, but also helps to ensure a stable housing market and an optimal use of the properties across the country

There will always be a chance of uncertainty when estimating the value of a property because of the many factors, that can play a role in the evaluation. On the other hand, the quantity and differences of properties contributes to big amounts of data on different types of properties collected from owners, municipalities. These types of data make assessing properties complex and comprehensive. 

Highly specialized and professional employees cooperate across different departments of the agency to ensure that businesses and private owners get a tax rate that equivalates to a responsible assessment. 

The approx. 900 employees in The Assessment Agency are located at multiple locations in Frederiksberg, Haderslev, Herning, Lyngby, Maribo, Roskilde, Svendborg and Aalborg.